[Dreams] Workaholic

I came into work early.

However, my work place was not near my house, but the one in Kota Kemuning. Near McD, in fact. I came in earlier with quite a few people already in, but suddenly it was only me and the account manager and she told me that no one else was in yet. Then I told her that there were still tasks left unfininshed and she began to fret cause there were no designers in the office.

Somewhere along the line, my office chair got pushed and it was pushed outside the office. It basically rolled all the way out into the street, through a busy crossroads where there was construction going on and stopped at this streetside eating fest. I caught it just in time (I couldn’t run cause I was apparenly in skirts + semi-heels) but I managed to get ny chair back and rolled it back to the office.

Then there was a discussion about how we were going to sit cause everyone was finally in and then I woke up.

Time to make breakfast me thinks.