[Geekery] Random

If you want to test just how versatile and diverse a music library supposedly is, you must ensure that they have Malaysian artists. And they must have these artists/songs:

Sheila Majid
Man Bai’s Kau Ilhamku
Pop Shuvit

I am blown away by the fact that Grooveshark has all these (of course, that they have smaller JPop artists is no biggie). Seriously, wow. In summary too, according to (who recc’ed the site to me in the first place), you can create playlists from songs that aren’t your own but are in the library, so that’s always means you can compile a playlist to be listened to on your comp later.

Note though, to listen to these songs on other devices means that you have to pay a subscription fee of at least USD6 monthly but if it’s just PC, that’s free. Also, having Adblock Plus is a godsend when surfing that site. 😀

ETA: Well well, they also have game OSTs. Including Gyakuten Kenji and Saiban. @@