Handwriting adventures

This blog is beginning to live up to its name of Ink to Screen. Stayed up late yesterday cause I was in a hangout (with quite a bit of fun) till late last night. Since I couldn’t sleep and my fingers were itchy, I decided to try writing Hiragana. Cut tag to prevent stretching the page.

A, I and U. A was surprisingly more difficult than I expected. If you see my early attempts, it’s cause I tend to turn the last stroke into a fish symbol instead of the proper circle. Remnants of drawing fish the easy way in school. 😛

Not quite happy with my attempts for I. I think it’s mainly cause of spacing. I tend to space it too close together, like how one would write in English. So it looks really messy. It also looks like I’m trying to write “LI”. Ah well.

I’m really happy by how U turned out though. Remembering to angle the ‘ mark at the top was perhaps the hardest part. Besides that though, I think it was far more consistent than A or I. 😀

Sigh. Epic English writing is fail though. 😛

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