Oh, pause!



I wonder why is it that both these processes, which involve bleeding, have the word men in them.

Menopause for me, is especially interesting. This particular time period for women is often associated with wild mood swings, insecurity, and changes in both a woman’s body and her attitude. It also means the end of a woman’s fertile period, because it is at this time that she stops menstruating.

Therefore, I wonder why they call it menopause. Is it a kind of hopeful longing that these women would one day be fertile again? That their reproductive systems would one day refunction as and when the men need kids? After all, that’s what the word implies to me.

Men-o-pause. Pausing for men. Or something like that.

Or it could be the realisation that “Men, oh!” with a pause of realisation.

Or even better yet, women in this stage make men pause. Hopefully this implies that they then think before they speak. Men I mean, not women.

The funny things you think when your hormones screw you once a month.

1 thought on “Oh, pause!”

  1. Prrreeetty sure that it’s just interlanguage fiddling, as I think both those terms started in Latin. (As most medical terms do.)

    That’s kinda like saying “So ‘ten’ is Japanese for Heaven, huh? Then what’s a HUNDRED?”

    That said, those are some intriguing notions… although I’d ascribe an altogether less charitable reason for men to pause.

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