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The virus known as human papillomavirus is also known as HPV. This is the same virus that causes cervical cancer. As far as I know, this is also the only cancer that is caused by a virus.

The good news is that you can get vaccinated against HPV, even in Malaysia. If you’re in Selangor, check out Assunta Hospital for rates and times. Otherwise, speak to your local gynae.

If there was a reason to get a HPV shot, think about it as protecting yourself like a Rubella shot. Not everyone will get it, but it’s better to be prepared than not. Did I mention? HPV may also be sexually transmitted. If you plan on having sex (no matter with whom), get that shot.

Because researchers have discovered that HPV may also be responsible for certain kinds of throat cancer.

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2 thoughts on “[PinkOcto] Get a HPV shot”

  1. Just to share what I know/learned about HPV. HPV is a virus that causes the malignant changes/transformation of our cervical cells. aka HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. Virgins have very low percentage (to none) of getting it as it is transmitted due to sex.
    There are two types of HPV vaccines out there. One covers lesser strains compared to the other but both are equally reliable. However, the lesser strain one has lesser side effects compared to the other.
    The HPV vaccine gains its full purpose only on virgins thus the cut-off free vaccination to all 13 year old girls in Malaysia.
    For those who are 26 years above the vaccine does not work for them/has very low protection percentage. And the vaccine does not help much for those whose already had sex too. Not that I remember of.
    HPV vaccines are about more than RM 500 for 3 dose/shots if I’m not wrong. Do clarify the current market value with your doctors/clinics/hospitals/pharmacy.
    HPV manifest/causes malignant changes very late in life. Almost 10-15 years after being infected. Therefore it very much encouraged for girls 21/23 years and above to get regular Pap Smear check up after marriage/sexual activity once every 2-3 years helps for early detection of early stages to cervical cancer.

    Note : Durations may be variable as everything is from what I remember. If anything wrong do tell 🙂

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