[PinkOcto] Legacies

Pancreatic cancer is one of the very few cancers that are usually discovered quite advanced. There are no causes for it, but some research have noted that it happens more frequently in people with diabetes, smokers and those who have long term pancreatic inflammation.

According to Public Med Health, 95% of those with pancreatic cancer do not survive beyond five years. It takes a strong will and determination to beat the cancer.

For 8 years, Steve Jobs was one of the 5% who did it. He was lucky.

This morning, at the age of 56, he passed away.

He leaves behind a legacy that I can admire, even though I hate his products.

He leaves behind a technological landscape that’s given me choices than I thought I would have.

He leaves behind a family that loves him.

Thank you, Steve Jobs. I may hate the company, but I can admire a person who’s made it the way you do. Even if you do sound like an asshole at times.

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