[PinkOcto] Cancer Campaigns

So yesterday I spoke about Don’t Duck It, which is a reminder for women to go for their annual checkups and get themselves screened.

Today, while walking in One Utama, I came across Xixili’s BSE (breast self-examination) promotion. It’s a simple promotion that’s quite effective, I would think, in ensuring repeat customers, and in encouraging women to take responsibility for their own health for at least a year.

Xixili gives out a RM10* BSE card that encourages women to mark when they’ve done their BSE. Once the card is marked each month, they can then take it to a Xixili branch to enjoy some special discounts. It’s ingenious because it encourages women to perform BSE and get them repeat customers, as this report in 2009 suggests. The best part is that they trust their customers to do the BSE on their own; as the chairman says, if you don’t do it but you tick the card, you’re only cheating yourself.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? 😛 Have you done your BSE yet?

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