[PinkOcto] How to do a BSE

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Now that that’s done, I’d like to ask. Have you done a BSE?

A breast self-examination (BSE) is pretty easy to do. It does, however, require you to be comfortable with your body. Your breasts are a part of you, so don’t be afraid to handle them like you would your hands and feet. The key thing about BSE is not that you’re looking for lumps, but you’re looking for anything out of the ordinary with your breasts. So if your breasts are raw in one spot when they’ve never been that before, consider talking to a doctor about it, especially if you haven’t changed any of your habits before this.

Interestingly, the American Cancer Society recommends BSE as a way for women to familiarise themselves with their breasts, rather than use it as a diagnostic tool. Scroll down below for a step by step guide.

With that, nite nite!

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