[PinkOcto] Get your vaccines!

For women, there’s now a call to their HPV shots to prevent cervical cancer. I would also like to ask:

When was the last time you got your Hepatitis shots?

Hepatitis B was named as the most common risk factor for getting liver cancer. The survival rate for this kind of cancer is 10%.

So why is getting your Hepatitis shots so important?

Simply put, these shots help immunise yourself against the Hepatitis virus and its many variants. Taking the shots therefore will help cut down on your cancer risk.

Note though, that there are several kinds of Hepatitis viruses. Last I checked, there was Hep A all the way to Hep G. The later the alphabet, the rarer the disease. In Malaysia, you’re recommended to get the Hepatitis B shot, which seems to be the most common type here. However, should you travel, they usually recommend getting a Hep A shot instead.

So, when was the last time you took your shots?

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1 thought on “[PinkOcto] Get your vaccines!”

  1. You don’t need Hepatitis A vaccine because it’ll just come and go like a normal virus and won’t damage your liver as bad as Hepatitis B and C. But if you wanna take them its your choice since the government still offers them.

    And Hep A certainly won’t cause cancer of course since its a pretty mild type.

    Hepatitis C is the most dangerous and in combination with double infection with D its the worst you can get.

    I only know till D or E though XD;;;

    Hepatitis B shots are pretty cheap so its recommended to get them šŸ™‚

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