So I got this message in my SMS inbox on Saturday. It’s from a 66600 number, which means it was sent by a service. I do not appreciate messages like these, because I’m presuming two things:

– MY tax money paid for this
– I certainly did not give my number to any political organisation.
Especially not to receive text messages like these. I don’t fucking care if you’re the Prime Minister of Malaysia or the President of the United States. I do not appreciate SPAMS like these.

The message reads:

A’kum. Tidaklah dibeda darjat harta, di Baitullah sedunia bersatu jiwa, berkorbanlah apa yang terdaya, berdoa kpd Yang Esa; tidaklah lama sepurnama dua, menjamin nasib anak cucu kita; Salam Aidil Adha menjadi pemula, insyallah Selangor kembali milik kita. Drp Ir Zin Mohamed, Setiausaha UMNO Selangor.

The message is from UMNO Selangor, the main political party in the National Alliance front in Malaysia.

The first part of the message (until Salam Aidil Adha) invites the reader to unite and “sacrifice what they can” (“berkorbanlah apa yang terdaya”) and to pray to Yang Esa (the One God, as DBP translates Esa), to hold fast as in less than two months (“tidaklah lama sepurnama dua”), our childrens’ and grandchildren’s future will be secure (“menjamin nasib anak cucu kita”).

This is because with Aidil Adha as the first greeting, God willing, Selangor will return back to “us” meaning UMNO (Salam Aidil Adha menjadi pemula, insyallah Selangor kembali milik kita).

I have lodged a complaint with MCMC online about this. We shall see what they say. I find such SMSes, especially coming from places where I have never subscribed to, to be offensive. Do not spam my phone with your irrelevant political presence. Thank you.