Fallen: A BPAL scent

I have an imp (a really tiny bottle from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) of Fallen that has aged. It’s about a year old (slightly more than that) and still quite full. Here’s what the original description says:

A regal scent, glowing darkly, elegant and patrician, but unfathomably desolate. Cherubic white sandalwood and golden musk with a dark halo of amber, a breath of imperial florals, unbending woods, and the shadow cast by vetiver and violet.

I remember being distinctly unimpressed with Fallen last year. It was a bit too musky for my taste, and I couldn’t tell what it really was. However, after a year, like fine wine, it’s aged quite a bit and the colour in the imp has changed. From what I see, it’s a deeper amber.

What’s really surprising is that it smells different to me depending on where I put it. In the bottle, Fallen is reminiscent of perfume photoshoots. The kind where they put the bottle on a bed of red velvet, rumpled to give the idea of luxury, but at the same time, nights of debauchery on a rich, decadent bed. On my wrist, wet, it’s a walk through an autumn forest, where’s there’s a tinge of moist in the air. Earthy and rich, vibrant.

The scent in the crook of my elbow is a surprise though. Someone on the BPAL forums mentioned that a perfume of theirs smelled different in various parts of the body; one of them was the crook of the elbow. So I tried that, and it DOES smell quite different. On my wrist, dry, Fallen smells a bit too powerfully of musk. There’s no real imagery evoked with Fallen on my wrist.

On my elbow on the other hand, it’s sinfully decadent. Powerful, strong, and malevolent. It’s not the richness of decadence, the one with the rotting undertone. It’s the malevolent, deep force, the one that is dark just because it is dark. It’s vibrant and pulsing, the debauchery of a pleasure room deep underground.

Pretty good inspiration for a writer.

Edit: 3 hours later, when dry, it smells like talcum powder. A shower and then dinner afterwards, and the smell has disappeared. I’m kinda disappointed with that, considering that Gluttony lasted MUCH longer on my skin and had a nice, deep undertone. Ah well.