[Dreams] Of Old Relatives

Fragments of a dream again.

Child models who are assassins. Looking after dogs because we couldn’t bear to see them suffer otherwise. An old huose.

It had started out as a gathering point for the family I think, Then these child models came. I can’t remember whether one of the family members had brought them because they were supposed to take these models to a show or smoething, but I remember the kids were pretty depressed. They didn’t really want to be models, but they had no parents. Some loved the modelling life, some didn’t. All of them were assassins for this corporation though.

And then word came out that we had to leave. That we had been preparing for an act of civil disobedience. There was this corporation that owned the girls; we were trying to bring it down. While getting ready to leave the house, there were shennenigans. Toilets being full. Random bikers appearing.

Dad being sad about chasing a dog away cause it reminded him about Auntie Nora.

Weird dream.