[Dreams] Um… Ben 10 Fandom?

Mom had permafrost.

It was a very weird dream. I dreamy that I had gone back to school, then was caught in this mini love triangle with this boy who insisted on being a “bad boy” kinda stereotype, but he was actually a nice kid. Just very misguided. There was another girl who was interested in him, but she never spoke up. She was the pious, sweet kind of girl.

We got sent to this school in the middle of nowhere. To come back we had to take a bus. I remember at first trying to get to this school much earlier in the dream. That time I was driving. Somehow, I decided to just drive without knowing where I was actually going; turns out I ended up in God alone knows where. I called the uke for directions, and he told me that I was supposed to take the turning off Bangi before I headed there. Whoops! I had ended up going so far off course, I had to make a massive u-turn to come back.

So after being caught for being late, I was sent to this school (somehow I had become 13-17 years old again). Then on the way back (the school ended at 9pm wtf) I got a call from dad. Mom had permafrost/permarot or something like that./ It was a death sentence because it spread very fast and would kill her. It also had the effect of turning your limbs black.

I remember wondering how mom got it, but didn’t think to ask. Instead I focused on helping her get through it. This was when my dream became officially fandom. There were Ben 10 references all the way, then I dream that I was Ben 10 who was trying to save my mom.

There were bits of cartoon and bits of reality. This was an odd dream. Although Ben had the Omnitrix, he couldn’t transform himself; it was the person he touched who would assume the identity of that creature. One transformation was turning Grandpa Tennyson into a huge monster.

Which was quite o_O to say the least.

In the last part of my dream, it turns out that Ben had contracted the same disease, and so he and the Omnitrix were trying to find a cure (the Omnitrix acted like a talking sidekick here). The Omnitrix first told him he had only a few days left to live, and then Ben remembered that there was a creature being experimented on in the lab, a jellyfish; this creature had the same virus/diseases but his DNA somehow fought it.

The last coherent piece was the parents (now Ben’s I think) walking in the park one last time with Ben following at a distance. It was going to be their last walk, and Ben didn’t tell them that he had the cure in his body. He DID end up kissing the girl of his dreams though.

Which was sweet.

You know, this is a nano-seized dream entry. Bleh.