[Dreams] Of Mafia

From the moment the dream began I knew it was a dream. Knew that this was not reality. It’s been a long time since I had a dream like that. Didn’t stop the dream from taking on an unreal quality.

So I dreamt that my mother had been killed. A long time ago. As the middle child of the mafia, I was not allowed to do anything about it. Daughter of the boss and all that. So I ran away. Lived on the streets for a few weeks before I rejoined my “father’s” army. My sister was there. She had run away just before the recruitment happened. They were picking up schoolkids and training them to be killers.

My sister and I both wanted to know what happened to our mther, so we joined the army. For some reason, the men and women who had worked closely with our father and watched us grow up didn’t recognise us. When they brought a man out, my sister shook so badly she had to lie on the floor. The man had killed one of her friends in front of her eyes just because.

The guards made me snap my sister out of it, and I did. Training was alright, except my sister and I had trouble getting to the table where my father kept all the papers regarding mother. We kept pretending that we were going to that place to read the books.

Which the Matron allowed, but she did not of course like the fact we were snooping there.

Then I switched perspectives, and was introduced to their brother. He too was in training, but he was training to kill cops. Or something like that.

Things came to a head when he and his three trainee friends were going to get this safe table from a shopping complex. As they were retrieving it, they were stopped by a policeman and his daughter. The pair took the table, but they were then stopped by another cop, who tried to arrest the first pair for masquerading as cops. Apparently they were under suspension.

So there was a minor scuffle and the brother got ink in his hair. It was also the first time I punched someone in my dream. The punch felt unreal. It was like I threw my fist at the man’s cheek, barely connected, but there was a loud sound and he was out like a lamp anyway.

I woke up at the alarm.