Mmmm… Galaxy Note for me and the Anchovy!

So there’s a contest going around right now to win the new Samsung Galaxy Note. This hybrid tablet/phone looks pretty slick but it’s rather large, hence the hybrid tablet/phone tag. Due to its dual nature, DiGi’s giving away 2 phones to a lucky pair.

How to win?
Log in and create your team with a friend. Then get people to vote for your friend and you. It’s a daily vote thing, so you’ll need to get people to vote for you everyday. The team with the highest votes count. Note: If you want to just vote, you’ll need to add the app.

Teams for my own reference:
The teams listed below are for my own reference, mainly colleagues and my own. 😀 Please vote for Fujoshis United! :p

Fujoshis United
Ting & Ting
Team Nokia 3315 (Yes they are still using this phone)

Otherwise this is going to be a reminder/placement holder for me.