[Review] The Nail Parlour

Found at:
Lot F142, 1st Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
Opposite Wong Kok

When I reached The Nail Parlour, the first thing that struck me was that these people were waiting for customers to come in. I had passed the Colour Culture on the way, and the nail girl was eating at one of the counters openly. I didn’t look into Missy Nail’s shop but I had read horror stories online about their treatment, so I gave them a pass.

By contrast, The Nail Parlour had people waiting outside when I passed and stopped to look at their price list. One of them approached me immediately at my interest. In two minutes (actually less than that) I was seated at a table and waiting for one of their manicurist to attend to me. There was a form to fill out with some details, and judging from what they asked me, I suspect they were meant for repeat customers with specific issues.

The tag on my manicurist said Jackie and she was quietly efficient. She was gentle and careful with my hands, asking if it was alright to cut my nails. The process was interesting to experience.

First she sprayed disinfectant on both her hands and mine, then showed me how to spread it all over my hands. She then opened a pack of sterilised instruments. My long nails were quickly clipped. As she clipped them, my hands took turn being soaked in a warm bath. Once they were soaked and presumably soft, they were followed by a thorough yet gentle cuticle cleaning. Jackie clipped my little finger but apologised for it and sprayed disinfectant on it. I actually didn’t realise she’d clipped it until she pointed it out; her touch was that gentle.

Once my nails had been cleaned, buffed and sharpened, it was time for the nail polish. I went for colour instead of brand, so I ended up getting the Jessica Bikini Blue for my nails. The colour turned out much nicer than I expected.

Once my colour had been chosen, she applied the base coat to my nails, quickly but carefully to ensure that all nails had been coated equally. This was then followed by two coats of the colour, and finally a gloss overcoat. By the time she was done, my nails looked icy cool. Jackie then instructed I wait for about 5 minutes while my nails dried in front of the tiny and cute fan they had. I did, but now I think I should have waited for 10 because I chipped my nails as I was paying.

Bikini Blue Nails!

Otherwise, I really like the effect. 😀

At RM35 for a basic manicure, I like what they did. Would probably go back there again for Chinese New Year or something. We shall see.