[Project 366] I will live

Rage. Anger. Violent tendencies.

There are quite a few words I would like to use to describe how I feel about the people who planted the bombs at the Court Complex in Jalan Duta two days ago. In case you were wondering, the bombs went off shortly after the verdict of a famous case was read out.

They had ball bearings in them. These balls were meant to kill. They were not meant as a warning. They were not meant to merely cause terror.

They were meant to kill.

I honestly do not care about politics at this point. I don’t care what side of the divide you are from.

What I am angry about is that someone thought it would be a fantastic idea to send a message by killing people with a bomb. Someone thought that it would be a great way to instil fear in people.

I am telling them now.

You have not inspired fear in this Malaysian. You have not made me afraid. You have not made me afraid to step out of the house.

You have made me angry.

I doubt you will be caught. I doubt you will be found. But I will do this in revenge.

I will live life well. I will go out with my friends. I will spend time with my family. I will not be afraid to offer hugs to my male and female friends and family when they need it. To hold their hands, to laugh with them. To share their sorrows and comfort them in their time of need. All this, out in the open, where others may see, and perhaps, take comfort and hope. We will laugh at your cowardice. We will laugh at your pathetic attempts. We will live.

I will walk, in the daylight, with my head held high.