[Project 366] Riding the Dragon

Image of an altar hanging outside a second floor window somewhere in KL

There is something to be said for the spiritual. I’ve always been fascinated by it. I cannot see, nor touch, the spiritual world, but they exist. I find it appealing to think that there is a world beyond me that lives side by side what I do. It is that belief that there are some things that cannot be explained and understood.

Something magical, I suppose.

Magic has always fascinated me. It is, I suppose, the main reason why I find myself enamoured of watching magic shows and listening to stories of magic. However, I draw the line at actually demystifying it. There’s a certain part that’s lost when the magic is explained, the curtain is pulled back, and you see how it happens.

I suppose it is one of the reasons why I make such a good companion for my mother when it comes to Feng Shui stuff. There is the magical, of learning about energy and controlling the flow of it. There is the mundane, of learning how to harness it for your own purposes, and there is the fascination with what Fate has spoken about you when you decipher the meaning of the time you were born.

The last though, is the most wonderful of all. I am of the view that Fate, or whoever arranged the time and date of our birth possibly did it to give the individual the best possible start to their life, but you can never know what a person is thinking about. Yet reading a person’s birth chart gives you only the barest information about them; enough, perhaps, to encourage the reader to learn more about the person. So you’d have to actually talk to the person in question to learn more about them.

That’s perhaps the most important magic of all.

PS: Yes, I spent this Sunday at a Feng Shui talk. This time it was Joey Yap’s.

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