The Black March

Sometime back during the great Strikeout of Livejournal, users suggested a single day where people would refrain from posting on Livejournal. The idea was to send a message to the Livejournal team that the userbase was NOT in agreement with their policies, especially not with the random deletions and broken promises. It didn’t quite work, mainly because as SiliconShaman pointed out, it was only one day. Now, if it had been two weeks, the drop would have been more severe and the message stronger.

It would seem someone got the message, and is suggesting a month-long blackout for those who support PIPA and SOPA. The key message though, is not just to stop buying, but to stop pirating as well. The message is simple, stop buying and paying attention to these media.

Interestingly, the Facebook event points out that the protest is only against MAJOR corporations who are supporting such legislation. In fact, they encouraged users to go and purchase Indie stuff, if that is so you desire.