[Project 366] So… A reaction to rape is EMOTIONAL?

Facebook comment saying: Heck, I would also be enraged should someone RAPE my females family members. BUT THAT IS EMOTION. NOW LETS PUT EMOTION ASIDE, LETS PUT LOGIC INSIGHT.

I found this “gem” in the comments section of a AWAM photo. The part I find incredulous of all?

Being enraged at getting raped is an emotion and thereby you should use LOGIC INSIGHT to explain it away. Urgh!

2 thoughts on “[Project 366] So… A reaction to rape is EMOTIONAL?”

  1. If I were to break this down scientifically/statistically (LOGIC INSIGHT) :-
    Yes – percentage of woman dressing up sluttish does increase rape incidence.

    It does give a conclusion that, to avoid getting rape, the best solution for a woman is to avoid wearing slutty clothes.


    That just solves part of the percentages, what about woman who was raped not-in-slutty-clothes, raped by a family member, a neighbour, a close friend, someone’s girlfriend ETCETCETC

    How do you solve that?

    That’s why some people are just so simple. Their looking at one aspect of the whole issue because of the “Don’t tell me what to wear, don’t rape” policy going on.

    Whatever the reason, sexual intercourse without consent be it man or woman is still immoral.
    Look at the issue however you want, you still won’t get a proper solution.
    I feel no matter which side your on its stupid to argue about it.

    My solution to this issue – LEARN AND RESPECT GENDER EQUALITY.
    If you don’t have that don’t talk.

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