[Characters] Felix

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Character commission for naokokensaku by ~binkibonsai on deviantART

Commission done by BinkinBonsai on DeviantArt.

Felix is an individual you could call “quietly capable.” He seems to be a secondary character, one who prefers to stay out of the limelight and would be seen assisting important people as a personal assistant or as a secretary.

However, Felix is a Prince, and as such, he does not seek to serve individuals. Rather, he serves concepts, and at his current age, he serves the navy of Jiat and his duty to his sister, the monarch Queen Felicity. His sense of duty is such that he will not hesitate to step forward for the interest of his country, but he would prefer not to.

To hide his identity, Felix has grown a trim and well kept moustache. His dark hair is styled with just enough mess to indicate that it was done deliberately. He is cautious and observant. Due to his quiet, subservient manner, the Prince has not attracted any suitors, simply because he does not stand out, not even when placed among introverted types. He has a slim build.

His favourite weapon is the rapier and he is a crack sharpshooter. His clothing style is of quiet competence.