[Dreams] I must be missing Japan

That was one weird dream. First time I’ve ever identified as a male instead of a female.

Dreamt I was serving an emperor. As in a samurai emperor. While on duty one day, in a large, crowded courtyard, a man came in. I recognised him as someone who stood higher than me in the courts opinion. Heck, even in my own he stood higher than me.

He brought some news. Then all the guys in the place released their doves and proceeded to masturbate to “call the God”. I remember thinking that I had to get away, to warn the emperor of this man. And that I was thinking of a movie where the samurai had been an eunuch. Thus I was disqualified from serving the God.

So I left the place. Reached the Kyoto palace. Saw two dogs. One was a large guy who wanted to follow me, the other was a tiny thing owned by some people walking near the palace.

I woke up before I could knock on the palace door.