[Dreams] Back in Japan

I was back in Japan.

Only this time I was completely alone. It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel lost or in danger or anything. I wanted to move from one place to another. It started from my hostel. I ended up near Kyoto Station. As I was near Kyoto Station it occurred to me that I should have bought the daily bus pass, cause I knew I was going to be using it. Then I decided that since the place I wanted to visit was so close, I might as well just walk.

Then I got somewhat lost.

Walked past these two shops that looked like a typical, open air Malaysian mechanic place, complete with oil running down from the floor into the drains. The girl in one of the shops set fire to an old car. The shop next to them did the same thing. It was some kind of friendly competition.

After that I decided to retrace my steps to Kyoto station. The main reason being I wanted to get a Kyoto tourist map like the one I had when I visited Japan with the girls. While I was walking, I remember thinking to myself that if I was dreaming and I was not in Japan, it would have been one cruel dream, cause everything felt so real.

Including waiting for that special someone to come and join me. I dreamt that he was supposed to come later.

Then I woke up.