Getting life back on track

Too many things to do, too little time to do it. When I do have the time, I don’t have energy or mental faculties required to complete it. I love what I do, but if it’s leaving me drained then something has to change.

Tomorrow might be the first weekend in a long weekend I may not have much to do. So here’s my action plan for tomorrow and the next few days. Maybe if I break it down into these smaller lists, I might not feel so overwhelmed.

  • Hit the post office and send that package off.
  • Have breakfast, come home, nap for a bit
  • Begin Operation Clear Desk! Throw out anything I don’t have a use for. Go through my drawers and throw everything that I have not used or read in the past six months. Throw my documents into said drawers. File receipts properly.
  • I know I won’t finish, but I do have to mop the room (will use lazy way) to do so.
  • Dinner with Sis and Rly.
  • Sleep.
  • Camp Nanowrimo
  • Some work

I think… that’s about all.