[Geekiness] Unusual IRC blockage

If you’re in Malaysia, on Unifi, and find that you can’t use clients like X-chat, mIRC, or even Chatzilla, give this solution a try:

/server irc.nameofserver.domain [number]

Which would look something like

/server irc.beyondirc.net 5531

If it works, then it would be safe to say that port 6667 has been blocked. I say this because I know that I’m not the only person who has found that port to be blocked when trying to connect to an IRC network. Interestingly, accessing IRC via web browser works, just not the standalone clients, which led me to believe that the IRC port was blocked (6667 is the most popular port, after all).

Please let me know in the comments if this works for you.

Note to self:
Unifi’s tech support hotline is 1-300-88-1221
The frontliners do not know what IRC is. I feel old.

2 thoughts on “[Geekiness] Unusual IRC blockage”

  1. yeah.. for some reason 6667 is being blocked since 16th August .. and seems still blocked till today ..

    at least freenode, the network i’m always on, have other ports open .(eg: 6665, 6666)

    havent give any call to them, because i know the barely-SPM-qualified would have no idea of anything else beyond stuff in their standard operating procedures ..

    1. Eh, I was giving them a call on the off-chance they might know something, or whether it was really a technical issue. And most tech support (regardless of company) usually don’t know much beyond the SOP anyway. They’re not geeks or someone who is really into tech.

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