[Nanowrimo] A letter to my muses

Hello ladies

I presume that it is mainly the ladies who have given me this idea, mainly because this smacks of you girls, especially you, Sukina.

Yes, I know we have been hearing a lot about MMO/Games being turned into anime. As in anime series that are based on the premise of games, ala Tower of Druaga and Sword Art Online, not to mention Ragnorak Online and .hack.

However, that doesn’t mean we should follow them! You do realise just how @Q^@&*#*^$($^@*$ it is to write a game script, much less write a full-fledged story about such a game? And let’s not even go into the capturable dudes.

Yes, darlings, don’t think I missed those hints. Are we writing a MMO or are we writing a visual novel romance? I counted at least three capturable dudes (yes I know that capturable is not a word but otome fans will know what I mean). So let’s run them down, shall we?

There’s the King. A boy-king who’s apparently quite kind, if a bit spoiled and naive. And one who doesn’t really know how to fight, but he does know how to administer. This is who, the typical shounen nice guy? He is cute, but he is also quite blur (no, ladies, we are not patterning him on Roland no matter how much I might want to drop an anvil on the guy. Sukina’s reference: Borderlands 2). So he’s rich, refined, and capable. If an idiot.

Then as usual we have the usual swordsman. This is an elder guy, the king’s bodyguard or some such. Stern, firm and reliable. He’s the one who meets our heroine first and the one who’s like an elder brother to her. He protects her and is also the ladies’ man. Hmm… I might be able to spin him into being a partner for her when she goes on her missions…

And then there’s the older, grizzled army veteran. No, he’s not a capturable guy, I think. He is, however, the general of the armies, someone whom they all look up to for guidance, and he takes care mainly of the army as I mentioned and the outer citadels…

Naoko’s note: Well, there are people who go for much, much older men….
Me: Naoko, he’s 42!
Naoko: Your point being? She IS 22
… I can’t believe we are having this conversation.
Naoko: ^_^

So back to the story, there are three guys so far. Yes, for those who know my tastes, the megane/knowledgeable character is conspiciously missing. I have no idea where he is. I’m not sure if such a person will even appear or if that position is going to be usurped by someone else, like a woman or a Priest who is not a capturable. Yes, if this were a game, you all know who I would aim for and forget about the rest.

So about the world. The world’s pretty decent, I think? I have rough settings in mind, with actual imagery and sensations. And a particular scene I cannot wait to write. Yes, dear muses, if nothing else, that scene where the character gets hurt really bad has plenty of possibilities. Not least because she then kicks up the level of her fighting by THAT much higher.

And that protective spirit.

Oi, are we recycling Camp Nanowrimo?

Sukina: Maybe….
Naoko: *whistles*
Me: …

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  1. Well, she would know about those who go for the much, much older type I suppose~

    And the knowledgeable glasses-man seems quite obvious to me, he’s the antagonist. Or possibly she’s the antagonist, perhaps… but yes, definitely the foe who drives the story.

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