[Nanowrimo] Letter to my muses, part 2

Dear ladies

You know, if this is going to be a rather regular thing, I don’t quite mind… as long as it becomes regular. Honestly though, I can see at least 3 different plot holes (well, at least one game-breaking plot hole, and the other two are, admittedly, minor) and we haven’t even begun.

Oh, and have I mentioned that we haven’t begun? Yes, tossing me all these ideas are really lovely, but they aren’t even fully mixed yet, never mind half-baked.

You know how it ends though.

You mean that really shoujo ending with the hint of seq… no, it’s not a hint. You’re planning a sequel.

You’re not allowed to work on the sequel till you’ve actually edited this novel once you’re done.

Way to discourage me, girls.

Don’t give me none of that! *slap* You know you can do this! You’ve done it before. You’ve plotted 3 Nanowrimos to link. They’d be sellable, if you’d edit. But you’re too deeply attached to them. So it’s time to let go. And so we’re going to do this right.


First we get the basics first. You have a start. You have a middle. And an end. That’s FAR more ahead than what we’ve really had the past few years.

We had that ending this last year.

Too many threads, not enough time. It was a great start for you to kick your ass into gear, to get practice. But here’s where it gets real.

Since when did she become the motivational teacher? *looks at the other*

You kinda got yourself into this.


Oh right.

So we have the beginning, middle and ending. We have a map. Or at least a road. Now we need provisions.

You don’t mean food.

Smart girl.

I feel insulted.

You should. That wasn’t even an attempt and you know it.




So tomorrow’s going to be a bit more challenging. Work on the world. How it works. What are the rules we are going to use. We know her role, but how does everyone else fit into it? What are the powers they have been granted? Where are the places they are going to see? Who are they going to meet? What rules govern this world? What magics do they use? Why? How? Who are the Gods and Goddess that rule this world?

Right. So the basics of the world then.

Both worlds. Remember not just the world she’s going to end up in, but the reason why she jumped in there in the first place.

Wait, JUMPED in there?


Something like that.

*Side eyes* I thought it was reluctant.

Less you know, better.

Uh huh.

In any case, tomorrow, the world! Better yet, later today, since it’s already midnight. Oh and we’ll go over characters the next day. Or even more world later.

Remember! Limits!

Yes yes, for every action there is a reaction and equivalent exchange.

Right. Now sleep. Tomorrow’s… Today’s another day.

That makes no sense.


Fine, fine, I get the hint. Nights!

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