[Nanowrimo] Um… What?

[Below is a conversation I had with my muses. This is pretty much how I’m developing the story for Kunibi, arguing with my muses. 😛 Red denotes Naoko, the muse who’s usually in charge of action scenes and actual story actions. Blue is Sukina, who’s usually the one with character ideas and backstory.]

So wait. Instead of her dropping from our world to the next, you want to turn it instead into her moving from one country to another.

She goes into exile, it gives her a reason to be ostracised and she’ll be able to avoid the members of her old mercenary band. What’s not to like?

I won’t have the explosions you promised.

Pfft. Like you cared about them.

They do add wordcount and scenery.

They will also require you to… you know, you are pretty lacking in the “see what makes things when mixed go boom!” department. You’ll need to research that.

Urgh chemicals research. Wait, don’t you dare try put me off track. We would have to rework her entire backstory.

Not as much as you think. You wrote her parents and aunt pretty wildly. The new backstory will fit in better than the one we originally thought of.

This is also pretty different from the dream.

Mreh, details.

… *sigh*

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  1. Just fyi? A good way to shorten your chemical research is to start by looking at sulfur. *Won’t say how he’s gained this valuable knowledge about explosions, at least not unless required by law*

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