[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Talking about inches

[Marauderz]: 11 inches.

Eight: 11 inches?

Me: Yeah, too big for me.

Eight: *looks at me in horror*

Me: I can’t believe he’s comparing it.

[Marauderz]: Now let’s see how it stacks up against the iPad.

Me: *looks at Eight and wonder why she looks so horrified*

Wind_Goddess: It’s not that big. It’s just one inch longer.

[Marauderz]: *Completely missing the point* Yes, diagonally it’s one inch longer.

Eight: *dies of laughter*

We were comparing Marauderz’s new toy, a Win 8 tablet to the iPad 3.


[Marauderz]: Duh.. I kept thinking my Acer’s screen is 11″ it’s actually 11.6″