December: To-Do!

Nanowrimo is almost over but not quite, so I’m still tentatively busy. In any case though, here be list of things for me to do in December!

– Monitor food intake better; need to tone my butt and hips down for Makoto
– Start proper running regime, or at least substitute with Pump It Up + Para
– Make breakfasts the day before

– Paint white boots yellow
– Wear said boots every day
– Look for Namie’s red miniskirt (in shops)
– Look for Namie’s green sweater (at home, I can’t find/do her actual top in shops)
– Get Exec Corset from Queen Chloset

– Company blog entries
– Nanonovel
– Life update
– Japan Update heh.

Also damnit, Facebook changed their URL for photos, so I need to relink all of those too. Sigh.