3 things

*blows dust off blog*
It’s about time I started writing again, and for real this time. I’ve been having issues since several years ago about writing, and perhaps more importantly, about blogging that I feel horrible all of the time.

So I’m starting a new exercise, something that I am going to do every day. It will either get published on time, or it will be in a whole bunch, but basically I am no longer allowing myself to procrastinate on writing.

Thanks to smartphones, I can now write either on the go or throw it into my notebook to be copied pasted when I’m on a computer. With that, and taking a leaf out of the “3 things to be grateful for” practice I see in a lot of places, I’m going to start a list of three things.

3 things that I either learnt, regret, enjoy, hate, loved, grateful for, noticed, or just… 3 things.

So what are they, for today?

  • I caught the last screening of Rise of the Guardians today.
    That was an awesome show, and so many feels. Sandman is one of my favourite characters, and I am really happy with the way they did Santa Claus. It’s not very often that people realise the very first Santa Claus was actually Russian. 😀
  • My phone is my connection
    So very easy to underestimate this. My phone is pretty much my life, and it lets me stay connected not by calls, but by Instant Messenger and data connections. Now I need to work on staying connected.
  • I am an emotional vampire
    The constant drama, the whining, the refusal to do anything to help myself and the constant drama. I can kinda trace how I got myself into this mess and basically I need to get myself out of it. Unfortunately I seem to have burnt bridges with one of the few people I wish I didn’t have to, but as they say, people come and go into your life, and if they leave, it means the lesson that you had to learnt has been taught. Or something like that.

    They left out the bit about bitterness though.

And once a day means once every sleep cycle. So basically if I sleep for more than 4 hours in one go that means it’s considered a new day when I wake up.

With that, good night!