[3 Things] Sunday Laziness/Monday Twerpness

Huh, now that was a really lazy Sunday. I did, however, managed to get some exercise in, so without further ado:

  • Zombies, Run!
    The fun thing about this app is that it really does simulate you being chased by Zombies. I’ve just done mission and I’m already in love with the story. That said, I did find a discrepancy; my distance is reported to be 7km when the treadmill notes only 2km. I suspect this was because the way I held myself. No matter, I’ll use either Endomondo Pro tomorrow or rely on the treadmill numbers again when I log it in.
  • My body really heats up!
    Yeah, silly thing to note, but basically I need at least some form of isotonic drink + 6 hours sleep to recover, or at least say good bye to that heat migraine.
  • Measurements
    The funny thing I realised was that my body weight does tend to go up, even if my measurements go down, which most people say is a sign of progress. The part that isn’t a sign? When I realise a lot of my weight goes instead to my thighs. Oi!

And with that out of the way, here are some quick Monday Twerps:

  1. Horrible Project Exec
    Honestly, I really need to strengthen my follow up skills. I know I can do better, but I’ve kinda been slacking off. ~.~ but I do have to admit, managing projects is not what I really want to do. The fun question is, what DO I want to do? *facepalms at self*
  2. New Chicken Rice place opened
    But because this area has a shortage of pork places, it was completely packed by the time my colleagues and I wanted to eat there. In the end, we went back to the sorta-halal Chinese place in the same office complex. I’d forgotten that this place serves a huge portion of rice, and JPY ended up giving me her portion. On a side note…
  3. I really, really want to watch Boku No Pico now
    I have a feeling I’ll regret it, but I really do want to know what all the fuss is about. At this point I think it’s really hard to shock me, but to facepalm and take tea, yeah, probably.

With that, good night everyone!