3 Things, a quick summary

So that’s about three days gone. Here’s what happened:


  • Ah, lazy days!
    Public holiday means lots, and lots of sleep. It’s really interesting cause I don’t even stay in this much on weekends, but today was a day to just snooze. I didn’t even go to the gym. ._.
  • Sam Kan Chong is not worth going
    Family decided to try something new out today, and we went to this place called Sam Kan Chong in Pyramid that serves noodles and such. Let’s just say that it wasn’t worth the price.
  • Battle Cats is addictive
    I… can’t stop playing it. All thanks to Rin and the uke. ._. Here, have a Google Play Store link.


  • Step by step
    I’m hoping that bet pays off. I want it to pay off. It does, however, mean leaving things I’ve grown to love again. But it is a step towards fulfilling dreams.
  • Listen to the music
    The Wind Goddess and me were in Paradigm for dinner and we came across people playing traditional Chinese instruments. It was wonderful, and we were more or less rooted to the spot. I love stringed instruments.
  • HNG Treadmills
    This treadmill is a killer. On normal treadmills, I can run for 30 mins or so at various speeds. This? My legs were protesting after the first 30 seconds. It was very tough and I lasted just 5 minutes on it, but I want to give it another go, because I really like the fact that I can control the speed, not the machine. But owowoww.


  • Pay peanuts, get monkeys
    Work related, so nothing more to be said.
  • Argh overwhelming
    There’s too many things going on. :S But I had to remind myself that life gives you what you need, not what you want. And you’re always given just enough rope to climb or hang yourself. It’s just a matter of what you choose.
  • Making the cut
    After waffling about it, I finally took steps to fix myself and my relationships. Cuts are necessary. Perhaps not everywhere, but in enough places to give myself a place to breathe. I’ve given myself a lot of despair, and I need to clear out my own issues before I can even think of helping others out.

3 thoughts on “3 Things, a quick summary”

  1. I guess that’s one of the advantages of fading out; I can at least be sure I didn’t cause any despair for the past while, eh? :3

    (Btw, I am MONSTROUSLY unimpressed with the Gravatar password system.)

  2. Sadly, I can’t say I have any opinions on comparative blogsite comment systems, alas and woe!

    *Huggins* I endure, I endure! I endure with much study and practice of steel and fire, I’ve started my second year of welding this month. I’ve moved on to a much hotter process and am doing some snazzy work at the moment, and am glad you’re still updating so I can still say hi! 😀

    (Kinda pointless to ask you what you’re doing in return on your own blogpost detailing the same, though. Wouldn’t you say?)

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