[3 things] Weekend edition

Aka there was actually a lack of things happening over the weekend. đŸ˜› Here’s what went down:

Everyone’s already in the holiday mood, cause it’s a long weekend. I finished my tasks much faster than expected, but there’s still a pile of things that needs to be settled tomorrow aka Tuesday. It was mainly a day for running around, though truth to be told, I really enjoyed the down time. At least more stuff got done today.

There is only one way to describe this day: SLEEP IN. Which was basically what I did almost the entire day. Oh, and I forgot that I had discovered a lovely game called Battle Cats. This game is addictive and easy to play. Did I mention it was addictive? I like that the creator didn’t take himself too seriously.

Today was the day I discovered my car had a problem. Basically my engine oil had run out, so I tried to top it off. Car still shook. So I thought I would take it into the mechanic’s on Tuesday, because Monday’s a holiday (replacement for Thaipusam).

Watched The Last Stand starring Arnold with Phil and Sam. It was… fun. Then I horrified Sam with stories of Prince of the City, Killer Clown and Strawberry Cinta… and spared his mind with Despicable Me 2 TV spots. As it turned out, Sam had watched the trailer to Strawberry Cinta and cringed even more than I did. The look on his face was priceless. XD

… And then I found out I should have called the mechanic because there was a good chance that he’d be opened today. Mechanics need not necessarily follow all the public holidays. *facepalms at self*

On a good note though, I actually finished editing chapter 1 of my novel. Now comes another 30++ chapters. Orz.

With that, good night!