[3 Things] Things I learnt

Over the week, because Thursday’s post is voice, and the past one week has been a bit… silly.

Tried out Colour N Go at Cineleisure
Price: RM180 for copper blond
Verdict: Good value

Things I learnt?
They had to confirm several times that I wanted such a bright colour and that it wouldn’t cover my grey hairs (I assume from their insistence that grey hairs were the main reason why people came to them). After reassuring that I was quite fine with that, and then choosing my colour, they got down to work.

Unlike other salons, they did not wash my hair before applying the colours. Instead, the colour was applied directly and then I had to wait about 20-30 minutes for the colour to set, followed by 10-15 minutes of hair drying with a warm hair dryer, and then another 15 minutes before they finally washed my hair. I was actually asleep for most of the process; I was exhausted because the day before I could not get enough sleep.

My hair came out to be quite vibrant. Certainly more than what I was expecting considering that the previous reds and purple I chose were almost non-existent. This blond appeared almost immediately. The total cost? RM180, and that was because my hair was a bit long. It was certainly expensive, but considering that I am allowed to wash my hair even the same day, and the colour stayed, I’m fine with it (my previous experience with other saloons did not allow me to wash my hair for at least 24 hours).

Ok, sleep!