Things I did today

Met up with friends for Comic Fiesta Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. Technically I’m not part of the Felynes (pronounced Felines) but I’m part of the semi-permanent Ticketing Helper team, so I was invited to it. I forgotten how much noise any Comic Fiesta gathering can produce. Basically regardless of age and interest and composition, most Comic Fiesta gatherings of more than 5 will be noisy. And it’s a kind of liveliness you can’t really find most other places.

Then I went around KJ stadium to do a quick #Ingress run. 😀 Right after that I hit Sunway Pyramid for an evening of ice-skating with friends. I fell down twice (in my defence, it had been 11 years since the last time I skated, and the last time I did, I was one the ice for just 20 minutes?). So yes, wet pants. XD Then I followed JLo and her BF to a place called Cornets for smoothies and drinks. She thinks I’m very anime-cute (because I actually go “nyan” and “ara?” with appropriate expressions in real life).

Then I wanted to Maimai with her but there was a long queue and she needed to go, so I ended up playing two rounds. After that I had starbucks and then I came home.

And now, sleep. OMG that was a busy day.