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5 Ways To Beautify Your Skin Even While You Sleep (via

At least 8 hours each night. Sounds familiar? Well, you must have heard this countless times from your mother, your doctor, and read it in books and articles related to health. If there is one rule that you must absolutely follow for leading a good and healthy lifestyle, it is to get at least 8 hours…

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  1. But what of MY needs, Pat? How do I get my beard fuller and lusher than ever before, with a silken softness like porcelain made of baby kitten fur even while I snooze and dream my mad dreams of piratical conquest and all that is best in life?

      1. …You want me to GREASE my BEARD. How is that supposed to do anything but make my pillowcase a mess? *Sadface*

        (No worries, just glad to hear from you)

  2. *Stamps* So now you want me to slime myself up before every time I wash, at like $30 a gallon of stuff. How is this supposed to help? (Especially since I’d specified while asleep, mind! 😛 )

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