So… thanks to [Marauderz] and Kakei, I now feel like getting a 3DS. List of games I’d get:

  • Ace Attourney 5 (C’MON, MILES IN GLASSES!)
  • ALL the Layton games available
  • Devil Survivor… the Overclock versions, even though yes, I have already finished them.
  • Animal Crossing… and finish it for real
  • Fire Emblem (the amount of squeeing on my timeline…)

I like the fact that I can get the games semi-legally through the Nintendo e-Shop, though I am really unhappy that the games are tied to the device rather than the account. This means if something happens to the device, all my games are gone ARGH.

I’ve been told that it makes more sense to get the 3DS before I go to Japan because then I’d get more Street Passes. Someone remind me again what do they do?

This hole is deep… but not deep enough.

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