Weird Dreams

So, am not stranger to having weird dreams.

Been having them the past few weeks. On and off I’d get some random, lucid dream just before I’m due to wake up. Some of them were dreams caused by the alarm; my phone starts beeping very gently before my actual wake up time. Others I have no idea.

And most of the time, when I wake up, it’s with the feeling that yes, I had a lucid dream, but the details all escape me.

Today’s was slightly different. Basically entire family went on a vacation (including my extended family on my dad’s side) and after trying various activities we all got on that trip for a one-day overnight trip in an old pirate barge. You know those ships we use to think as belonging to pirates? Yup, those kinds.

Well, one thing led to another and the next thing we know, we were sailing. And so we did. Each stop we made had a different mission to accomplish. The one we were having when I woke up required a female relative (the woman is actually a random person, she just happened to be in my “family” at the time, and no, I have no idea who she was) to seduce the giant to tell us where his base was.

The giant, meanwhile, was being pursued by this man who was the creator of all the things. He wanted to undo his creations, but they were smart enough to go into hiding, so he used us instead. He could take many forms and shapes; at one point he was an ex-employer.

So the woman and the giant decided to turn the tables on the guy. After a “talk” the giant went away. And we on the ship went looking for food. As me and my cousins were making our way back after loading our small ship with food (lots of bananas, watermelons and random fruits, I think), the creator guy appeared.

And he was quite displeased with our progress. We all rushed back to the ship and tried to cast off (we were beached, apparently, for a quick while) and the creator guy apparently waited behind us to do so. There were two boats at this point; the main, sailing wooden barge and a hollowed out ceramic boat that looks more like an art mug than a boat. We tried to shift everyone from the ceramic boat to the main one, and while that was happening, the creator guy somehow overtook us and parked in the parking lot nearby.

I told my dad that I was going to go sabotage the guy’s car, used my bro’s screwdriver for it, and came back successfully. Dad followed me but for once did not interfere. The guy’s front wheel had a solar panel on it, so I couldn’t stab at the wheel.

Then I woke up.

I wonder how many worlds has my dream self been banned from now?