Day 0: Passport Troubles

I’m writing this about 30,000 feet in the air, or so the good captain informs me. As you can guess from the title, yes I’ve been having issues with my passport. Basically, it’s the sort of troubles that come when your passport is short 15 days from its date of expiry.

Not sure about other countries, but there’s a ruling that says Malaysian passports are good only till the last 6 months before their expiry. So if you travel within that lasr six months, your entry into other countries are suspect and you might not be able to enter the country you want to visit.

Which, as you can tell, is something that has been happening to me. As it turns out, my passport just entered into that last 6 months period. I didn’t think to check on it until we reached the airport and were checking the baggage drop. That I’m on the plane now is a miracle, and I sincerely hope I can enter Japan when we land. The immigration officer has gone to great pains to warn me that it’s my responsibility.

All I can hope now is on the goodwill of the Japanese immiragtion authorities that they will let me enter the country. According to Koishi, it’s about 8pm Malaysian time now, and the captain estimates we will land at Kansai in about 1 hour 30 minutes. Nervous doesn’t even begin to cover it. Of course listening to Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku isn’t helping. No, it’s not helping either my maimai memory or my mood.

ARGH How could I be such an idiot.

Edited: Yay am safe in Kansai Airport, now on the very shaky wifi network. Immigration was a breeze, no one asked me about my passport. Ironically, I got stopped because of Edo’s Christmas present aka the Pebble watch. They let me through after taking it through the airport scanner, though I did have to open my clothes bag to show I wasn’t a threat. The nice Customs official asked me if the teddy bear in my bag was another present but I explained that it was to help me sleep. Weirdly enough, there had been enough turbulence that the zip in one of the compartments had opened. Hmm….