[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Revealed~

[Printed with permission from the Wind Goddess] Conversation happened over Skype:

Wind Goddess: can u come here awhile? (To CJ)
CJ: I want to say cannot but you will beat me, right?
Wind Goddess: i dont beat
Wind Goddess: i bite
Wind Goddess: *grin
The Godfather: hohoho wind goddess
The Godfather: dont be fooled CJ
The Godfather: wind goddess will msg you at 3am asking for copies
The Godfather: (ok im joking)
Wind Goddess: hi The Godfather
Wind Goddess: can you repeat wht u jz say/type
The Godfather: wind goddess is the most beautiful PE in the world
Wind Goddess: then how about Ole and Sleepy
The Godfather: Ole and Sleepy are just awesome
CJ: isn’t Mes (a male Project Exec) the most beaut… nevermind
Mes: woi
Mes: whats this CJ
The Godfather: NOW WE KNOW
The Godfather: MES
Mes: ohgodwhy
Wind Goddess: ouh~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Godfather: batangfest already
CJ: and here I thought most girls enjoyed yaoi*

* You’re right, we do, CJ. Welcome to Copywriter’s Chronicles!