[Nanowrimo] Out of context

… Goddamnit but this is pretentious even for my standards!

“I intend to raise her as a child. A normal child. She’s only five years old, Baraethan. I want her to have a childhood,” Arista shook her head.

“Like yours?”

“Perhaps not quite so bloody,” Arista smiled. “Did my sister not tell you I used to get into scrapes?” he laughed at her statement.

“Both of you did. You would allow my daughter to come to such harm?” there was a dangerous glint in his eye.

“I would allow her to learn the folly of being human.”

“And the many perils only an innocent could learn as a child,” there was something in his voice that indicated he understood.

“Yes. Will you allow it?”

“I will agree that you may raise my daughter, but she must visit me, and often. How often, we will leave till later. This discussion is moot if she is not returned to us safely.”

“On that, we both agree.”

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