[Nanowrimo] 2013 Notes for myself

This is also going to be a complaints list to my muses.

  • My villains keep changing. First it was a God, then it was the dad, then it was the sister, then the mother, and now it’s the manservant with a hint to it being the God in the end. OI. Make up your minds!
  • Sleep deprivation is the reason why that voyeur dirty old men scene is in the novel. Which I don’t think I’ll remove. It turned out to be a pretty sweet scene. 🙂
  • The little girl has a proper name now and she is turning out to be very sweet and a really nice child. Though she does tend to be a bit too passive. I’m not sure if she’s ok for a five year old who’s been taken hostage by her nanny.
  • Speaking of nanny, I’m not sure how to write the current villain. On one hand, he’s quite passive. On the other, there seems to be a completely different side of him when he reveals his identity. I’M NOT SURE HOW TO WRITE YOU, HALF-HUMAN LICH.
  • Also liches are cold. Like, literally cold. I wonder if that’s why Daramiri likes Illyra so much, she’s like a walking airconditioner. /is smacked by muse
  • Previous point: Ow

Ok back to writing.