Quick Life Update

Quick life updates, mainly as a reminder to self:

In the travel section:

  • Buy tickets for Angela Aki in Yokohama, Tentative concert date: 19 April. Tix sales open 1 March, 2014. I am now torn between buying tickets for the May concert instead of the April one. April’s closer but it also means more expensive plane tickets and accommodations. If I go for the May 10 concert, it’ll be in Hokkaido and there’s a public holiday I can use to save my leaves. Decisions decisions.
  • Look up accommodations based on the places mentioned above

In the writing/reading section:

  • Review Christian Jacq’s books. Just finished Tree
  • Finish Suara. Going to try a new method; writing 10k words per quest instead of letting myself ramble. I forgot you could write entire novels based on a single subquest. T_T
  • Continue with Bloodschild. Tentatively have started on Book 2, but it’s book 2 in the sense I’m done with introducing the characters and partially the boundaries of the world. What’s left is to impose actual rules on the use of magic in the story and its world. There’s also the fact that I probably need some sort of connective symbol between the three layers. (Stop making me typo, Naoko!)
  • Go through stack of Big Bad Wolf Books
  • Add interesting links to Pocket. I need to lessen the distractions at work
  • Write something for KL Noir: Blue. I have the glimmers of an idea, but what remains is to actually write it.

Personal stuff:

  • Obligatory aaaaaaaa Comic Fiesta is in how many days *runs like chicken with head off*
  • Time to cut my nails. Or maybe colour them, make them pop a bit for said CF.
  • Damn, Christmas is almost here? AAAA what to get for the parents???
  • Wow, the year is *finally* coming to an end. Unlike last year, this year feels really draggy.