Baby Nyaoko I am!


Baby Nyaoko is a pretty awesome nickname, to be honest. It sounds like a bubblegum pop princess kind of name. I’ve changed whatever that can be changed to that nickname. I’m tempted to change my Ingress nick too, but we shall see about that.

So how did I get Baby Nyaoko? I’ve come to terms with the fact that I like cats. There’s also the fact that my nickname is Naoko. There is a reason why I should not write when half-asleep. 😛 The name was actually given by Tenta aka Tibbar deNgiw for the reasons stated above.

And the fact that I have two milk teeth which makes my dentist go o_O as they show no signs of falling off yet. So [Nyan (cat) + Naoko] x Baby = Baby Nyaoko.

Does that read right…?