[003] Light

This post was written for the 100 Themes challenge. For the full list, click here.

Chapter 3: Lightning

There are shadows, and then there are shadows.

Some shadows you can see easily; darkness created by an obscured sun. Others live only in the fear of your mind, hidden in the deepest trenches of your soul.

Most terrifying of all are the shadowkeepers who wield both. They wield them like weapons, to manipulate, horrify and control. They are not a large number.

But they exist.

Or so the girl told herself as she sat in the middle of an empty house in the forest, stirring a pot and whispering soft, arcane words.

Her voice had a singsong quality, rising and falling in measured intervals. She took a deep breath before each new line, a shallow one whenever she had to add ingredients. A great sigh escaped her lips when she reached the end of the incantation.

“For thus I swear, and thus I curse, their life together in a hearse,” the tune made no sense, yet as she finished, there was the crack of thunder, and a flash of lightning. The fire under her stirring pot went out, and she felt chills on her spine.

Soon there was nothing left in the abandoned house, not even the tiny light of an ember.


It’s taken me almost three years to diagnose the reason why I get migraines.

Some background: My family does have a medical history of migraines, but I was relatively unaffected for the greater part of my years. In the last three years though, I’ve had migraines at least once a month, and I previously ascribed them to being caused by hormonal changes. Yesterday’s episode though, proved me wrong.

Based on my period app, my headache wasn’t due for another week at least. And this particular period app is pretty good at gauging my body’s phases (it’s Ovuview, in case you were wondering). So while I was trying to sleep yesterday afternoon, it dawned on me why I had such horrible headaches that went away only after a night’s sleep (minimum 8 hours).

I think it was simply having to deal with too much sunlight. The sun is exceptionally bright during Chinese New Year, and this year was no exception. I was also diagnosed with visual fatigue two years ago, and my glasses were changed to reflect that.

Ironically, I love the sun. It’s a remnant from days spent in the office freezing my arms off. I’d go out for lunch with my colleagues and while they stood in the shade, I’d be in the sun, arms spread wide open to catch as much as I could. Wind Goddess used to say I was a plant; all wilting indoors, but give me a bit of sun and some water and poof! Right as rain!

Except now I think this little flower has had too much sun. Time to sleep.