JAKIM’s take on Valentine, immortalised

So earlier today, Jakim, or the Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia published this little article on the harms of Valentine’s Day.

Or I assume it’s so because the English is so broken, I’m not sure even Google Translate could save it. You may find screencaps taken by the awesome [Rin] and other Twits here. For actual article, with preserved formatting, follow below:

Date February 14th each year to the date of the wait-awaited by the couple as a day to commemorate the Ganda and express true love to the pair allegedly respectively. Practices such as the inverse of this is already a teenager and annual Taqwim necessarily Christians.Thus, youth of Islam in Malaysia is not affected and was called to celebrate Day celebration Belong (Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14 this. It was clear that this Belong Day celebration in the presence of Islam and contrary to the beliefs of Islam itself.
Day celebration to celebrate the act is contrary to the syara Belong ‘because it has elements of Christian faith and lead to moral kebobrokkan. In addition, the response was not favorable dirai with scenes such as two evil-doubled, berpeleseran hatta led to sex acts. Today is considered “day honeymoon” for the youth so they can soak dignity in order to prove their love to their beloved. Indeed, culture imitating western culture that error and mixing things according to the beliefs of other religions is belief in the presence of Islam.
In another sense the Muslims can not be intermixed faith and liturgy Islam with other religious faith and liturgy. This is based on the words of God which means “Say (O Muhammad): O disbelievers. I will not worship what you worship and you do not want to worship (Allah) that which I worship. And I will not worship that which ye worship, and You shall not worship that which I worship. To you your religion, and for me my religion. “(Surah Al-Kafirun verses 1-6)
The Prophet SAW was strictly prohibit us from imitating Jews and Christians in the culture of hadith which means, “you would also be the footsteps of their (Jews and Christians) a neck by a neck, until you sehasta by sehasta they will care even if they entered into the lizard hole .Because Companions asked: “Are the Jews and Christians? He said: “Who else if not them.”
Results Negeri Selangor Fatwa Committee has stated in the State of Selangor Fatwa Committee Meeting Times 1 / 2006 on February 21, 2006 has decided that the practice of celebrating Valentine’s Day has never been organized by Islam. Festive spirit that has elements of Christianity and good mixed with evil deeds are in conflict and prohibited by Islam “.
The mufti of Australia has also agreed to decide that the practice of celebrating Hari Kekasih not encouraged by Islam, as discussed in the Committee Muzakarah National Fatwa Council for Islamic Affairs to Malaysia was the 71-convened on 22 to 24 November 2005 that then.
In the history of Valentine, it can be clearly convicted of Christian culture that says Valentine’s Day from tragic death of a priest named St.. Valentine who was killed by a Roman king named Claudius the King II (268-270M).
Starting from this story they have dedicated St. Valentine as a great figure in maintaining the love and considered a symbol of tenacity, courage and resignation in the face of attempts at life.So, February 14 made a representation in the day commemorating the death St.Valentine regarded as religious ceremonies and the Christian community.
Hence, Islam calls all Muslims especially Muslim youth not to celebrate Day celebration Belong and avoid things that can lead to attitude for celebration. Here are attitudes that should be avoided by young Muslims on the Day Belong To:
1 – Attitude to exit town and holding each other beloved ceremony to celebrate the day by holding a party or similar event.
2 – Sending greeting cards printed words and the Valentine’s Day cards that are pari-ray pictures that have become symbols of the two wings of the Christian faith.
3 – Writing a speech word love in the cards that were sent to state a desire to love beloved because it also displays the attitude of feeling happy and believe in the day.
4 – Most Western countries, parties held in conjunction with that day is celebrated with festivals and sexual dance. Most of them send gifts such as roses and a box of chocolates to those who love them.
5 – Sending short messages (SMS) to the beloved to express love in conjunction with the Day commemorate beloved (Valentines Day) will believe that as a sign of “miracle” that day.
However, few are willing to sponsor the celebration Day Belong and sell souvenir items to commemorate the day that affect the youth to bring up the valley makisat. Ironically, young people consider this response as a symbol of love and undivided affection for the pair. Islam forbids its followers excessive in Ganda willing to give that honor to the couple who cherished.
Indeed, the act was also contrary to the syara ‘because it also contributes occurrence of vice and adultery thing. His word: “Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is an abomination and a road that led to the damage.” 9Surah Al-Isra ‘; 32)
Parents should also play an important role to monitor their children not to celebrate the day and pass up things that do not bring benefits. In addition, the administration of schools and tertiary institutions also to be more proactive to ensure the program does not exist and the response to day activities of exchanging roses, greeting cards and so forth.
In conclusion, Islam gives clear guidelines and allow the relationship between human affection in the framework of sharia. Relationship affection to parents, friends and fellow community can be done every seven days and the people who will get `cover Throne is one of those who love berkasih (meet and split) because Allah SWT.