I’m going to CAFKL with Dimmie!

Come see me and Dimmie at CAFKL, 7-8 June, The Annexe Gallery, Central Market!

Dimmie has convinced me to join her in opening a booth at CAFKL. It’s supposed to be about Comic Books, but somehow they are accepting written words as well. I’ve submitted the idea of a short anthology called First Chapters as the thing I want to sell; it’s basically going to be first chapters of stories I’ve written. There’ll be a link, I think, at the end of the chapter, or maybe a QR code, to lead to the site and the second chapter of the story.

If people like it, they’ll need to do either write a comment and/or write a kudos. I’m not sure which. And then I’ll continue writing hahaha.

I’m not sure people will even like the stories enough to comment. That said, I might include some choice Copywriter’s Chronicles in there too. We shall see.

Book is tentatively priced at RM15, though I’m looking to bring it down to at least RM10. It’s definitely going to be in black and white. I’m going to do what the bookshop auntie suggested I do; print one copy, photocopy the rest. It’ll probably be stapled together too.

And then there’s the cover to think of. OMG the cover. What do I do with that? Should I remain with a simple typography cover, or should I get someone to help me design it? Do I use pictures or..?

Oh, and the book has to be PG 13, which means I can’t slip in some of the more “adult” works. xP Ah well. Need to figure out what stories I want to put in too.


The good news is because I tend to write in long form, I don’t usually have a problem with first chapters. It’s my end chapters that I have issues with, and I’m thinking this might be a really drastic and crazy way to force myself to finish stuff.

I’m not even sure what kind of market I’m writing for. My taste in fantasy literature is very niche, and it’s very specific. What I do know is that my stories are going to be female centric, which will be… interesting to say the list.

… Dear Foobar, you do not have to start playing Born Legend when I am writing about this. Please do not get my hopes up.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a bust, but that doesn’t mean I won’t at least try to make a nice book. I do admit I’m going to go the lazy way, but I’m going to ensure at least that it will be something people might like.

Which means I probably need to expand my pool of beta readers. ^^;

I do eventually hope to sell this as an ebook, but we shall cross that when we come to it. My brain is still trying to process the fact that I allowed myself to be talked into doing this. It’s a sort of unreal moment, to be honest.

First chapters… there’s quite a few I have. I want to vary some of my styles though, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens. The worst thing that could happen, I think, is that people will complain that my story is flat, one-dimensional and they wasted their time and money buying it.

But hey, I need them to at least buy the book first! That is really my greatest fear; that no one will buy the book. Aaaaaaa!