Ingress Anomaly Report, Satellite Kuala Lumpur

Cross-faction image taken from Yik’s screencap, wasn’t taking a lot of photos that day

Wheee! Agent Sionna reporting in!

So, for the first time since the game started, we had a Ingress event organised by Niantic/Ingress/Google themselves in KL recently. What this means is that both sides will meet at a pre-determined spot in a city and then battle it out for 4 hours for domination. An Anomaly is a big thing; it’s the chance to both influence the storyline and to be featured on the Ingress main social media boards.

Officially, Ingress Anomalies start from 1pm and end at 5pm. My day started early though, with me kidnapping picking up some of my teammates and then heading to Top Catch Fisheries for breakfast.

Here, have some salmon.

After that, we rushed to the LRT station, during which the conversation in the car consisted of “Ok, I’m dropping a key here, can you pick it up?” and other like you find during Ingress. I feel a need to mention that it was at this time that one of our players learnt the hard why you NEVER drop a capsule full of items on the ground; he was “drifting” and left his capsule on the ground whoops.

When we reached Masjid Jamek, it was a long, long long trek to the meeting point at Lake Gardens; we got there JUST in time for the photo op, and then we got our tags and T-shirts. Once that was done, it was time for a last minute briefing and then my team and I were off to our assigned defensive location!

Obligatory #Helios Badge shot

We got to our spot and spent some time cleaning up the place; since we were only going to be active during the Second Cluster Measurement time (aka 3pm to 3.10pm) we decided to “Enlighten” the place and get it ready for the Measurement. Our plan was simple: we had 2 deployers, 2 destroyers, and 1 modder. Each of us were specialists, so we did nothing else BUT our duties.

All filled up
As a Destroyer, my inventory consisted 80% of L7-L8 bursters, followed by resonators, and then mods. The battle began from 2.30pm when the Resistance Team assigned to the cluster we were in arrived. They started trying to take down our Portals and we started defending. As per Operator Instructions, we left 2 resonator slots empty but fully shielded; someone decided to add the missing resonators and we saw links and fields going up.

Cue me saying aloud, “I see fields of green~ Some linkages too~” Or something like that.

We also had quite a bit of support from the other teams on the ground; as it turns out, one of the portals we were assigned to was a “Volatile” portal, so if we could hold it during the measurement period, we’d score additional points. And thus we had an additional team helping us to hold the portals.

At 3:11pm, measurement time was over and we all let out a sigh of relief. Turned sheepishly and smiled at the Blue Resistance teams before we made off for our next location. We did clear and grab all the portals in the location first before we moved on.

Here’s where our strategy differed from the Resistance, as AdyBoy writes it. My team was assigned to cover only 2 locations, one Measurement apart. This means instead of rushing to different locations hour after hour, we had time to take a semi-leisurely walk to the furtherest Anomaly Point assigned to us: The Fourth Cluster, next to the Old Railway Station. It also allowed us to conserve inventory and to be able to keep fighting for the relevant points.

This was where the fiercest battle took place. For one, it was the last Measurement of the day. For another, IT WAS ALSO BLOODY HOT WHERE WAS MY FORECASTED RAIN? /whines

We waited in front of the old Keretapi station, waiting for measurement time. A bunch of Resistance agents came early to set up shop around 4pm, and the portals were flipping slowly at a leisurely rate (I say this because neither side were spamming the deploy button at this time).

Around 4.30pm, my team was reinforced by two Free team agents and another Volatile team. Then the flipping began. By this time, my team was completely tired from walking, so we sat on the ground and began blasting away. Some of us switched to deployers, while others stayed the same.

It was also during this time, to quote my teammate Etlothien, that we had the most random status callouts. Based on what we saw on our Scanner, we’d call out the status of several portals. During that battle, the calls went out like:

“Grey… blue. Grey, blue. Grey. Cube (short for powercube). Grey. Data lag…” which was when it started getting funny. “Server lag. Cube. Oi why did I click on that? Blue… Grey, Leg cramp… blue. Why did I miss all resonators?? Blue… low battery…”

Basically if you couldn’t use your phone or had a delayed reaction in any way, you were supposed to call it out. It’s just that my team took it to a slightly more… extreme version. xD

By the end of it we all went OMG IT’S OVER YAY and congratulated and shook each other’s hands on a job well done. It was also at this point that I got really @@ by the Resistance; I went up to them and introduced myself and got a “So you’re Sionna…” comment. AIEP!

End result: we won (yay!). Then it was a long trek back to the KL Bird park for our medals and the results tally. There was an after-party but I couldn’t make it as I was too exhausted (btw thanks CincauHangus for the ride to the LRT station and thanks R7Fett for keeping me company in the car). Ended up celebrating by having spinach spaghetti in Chilli Rush with a group of gate-crashers. xD

Special shoutout to the awesome Helios Team Zone 10! Had a lot of fun with you guys, @redewe, @R7Fett, @Ethlothien, and team leader @stgz. Thanks for helping with the inventory and for putting up with my bad singing voice.

With that, good night, and I bid Ingress goodbye. Going on an extended vacation, will probably be opening the scanner now and then, but won’t be actively participating in the near future. See you all in another game*!

*I am currently playing Clash Of Clans, in a clan called AkaiSuiSei. Hit up the Crimson Comet when you have the time, eh? 😉

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  1. I enjoyed al your shouts during the volatile battles at Tugu and KTM. You did an awesome job. So sad to hear of the extended vacation.

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