[AD] Ryujin Juwara is back!


Calling all toku fans!

I know a lot of people cringed at the various concepts in the show, but from the trailer and the demand, it seems that Ryujin Juwara is back! And it’s at a rather interesting timeslot too! Fridays, 7.30pm actually sounds like a pretty reasonable timeslot instead of 4pm (catering towards the kids, to be honest). Maybe this time I can actually catch the show.

I’m actually kinda excited that it got a second season. Say what you will about the idea, but the production values of the show and the localisation seems to indicate that there was quite a bit of thought that went into the show. Well, at least I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow. Do you? 😉

If you want a more “formal” version of the second season announcement, it’s right after the jump!

Disclaimer: I have received no compensation for this shoutout but I am genuinely curious about the show. The press release attached is provided by Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5th August 2014 – From the highly successful and popular adaptation of ‘Ryujin Mabuyer’ emerges Malaysia’s very own original superhero, ‘Ryujin Juwara’. Tokusatsu fans and fans already familiar with the popular Japanese drama series will not be disappointed with the thrilling and action packed adventure of the Malaysian adaptation ‘Ryujin Juwara’.

Ahmad Izham Omar CEO of Media Prima Television Networks (“MPTN”) said, “We’re the first to bring this type of Japanese format to the market and I believe Malaysia is ready to take our production to the next level with this series. Utilising our own local talent, we’ve developed a great Malaysian adaptation of the superhero Ryujin Mabuyer.”

He also added that as the number one television network in Malaysia, TV3 is always ready to offer fresh and exciting content to meet the demands of its audience.

The Malay TV drama series shot in both Japan and Malaysia has been adapted for the Malaysian audience. Primarily spoken in Malay, the series also offers a modicum of the English and Japanese language. The story begins as our hero Andil, an unsuspecting batik painter discovers that he has been chosen as the warrior and must therefore defend the peace and tranquillity of Kampung Batik and the legendary Mabui Stones.

The young and talented cast of ‘Ryujin Juwara’ are made up of the best of Malaysia’s rising stars. Iedil Putra that plays Andil, the main protagonist of the show is famous on the local arts scene for his live performances and roles in a number of local movies. Joined by his two other co-stars Faralyna Idris who plays his best friend Maya and Ali Alasri that plays Shafiq, a fellow superhero that discovers his powers.

The returning season brings on more cunning plots from the Majimun Army as their plans grow every more distortedly. Follow the action, drama and adventure as we introduce new superhero ‘Ryujin Gelora’, who is none other than Maya and Andil’s friend Shafiq. Together they team up to guard the Mabui stones that bring peace and harmony to the land. Set in the beautiful landscape of Malaysia and Okinawa, Japan, watch as Ryujin honours the Malaysian culture and heritage and stands up for honour and justice against the evil Majimun Army.

Ryujin Juwara is Malaysia’s first ever superhero drama series, co-produced by Malaysian production house, Double Vision Sdn Bhd with Japanese production company, Yomiuri TV Enterprise Ltd and the Mabui Stone Corporation. Yuichi Koyano, President of Mabui Stone Corporation and Toshikazu Sugae, Vice President of Yomiuri-TV Enterprise Ltd. Said, “We are excited about bringing ‘Ryujin Mabuyer’ to Malaysia. Fans are able to relate better to this local adaptation and get more involved in the gripping storyline of the tokusatsu”.

Be the first to watch as ‘Ryujin Juwara’ faces off with the evil Majimun. Will he be able to protect all the Mabui Stones and stop the world from plummeting into chaos? Don’t miss a second of action as the series continues from episode #14, from 15th of August 2014, every Friday at 7.30pm on Media Prima’s TV3.
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